Terms & Conditions

Limo Guy Terms & Conditions


1. Additional Charges: Additional charges will be itemized on the customer’s billing statement when applicable (e.g. tolls, parking, airport and regulatory fees, fuel surcharge).

2. Smoking & Alcohol: Client agrees that there will be no smoking in our vehicles. Alcohol is not allowed in our vehicles. The client also assures us that no illegal drugs are brought into our vehicles.

3. Cancellation Policy:

  • Sedans: SUV Cancellations of scheduled service with Limo Guy will result in a full charge without any dispute.
  • Stretch Limousines, Party Buses and Sprinters reservation are final. There will be a full charge upon cancellation these services.
  • Can not Locate Chauffeur: If you have difficulty locating your chauffeur, please call 

    226 228-8322

    or our toll free number 1-(000)-000-0000, to avoid a cancellation charge.

  • Change in Travel Plan: Please call Toronto Airport Limo Rates ASAP if your travel plans change or if you miss your flight so that our dispatchers can modify your reservation.

The above cancellation terms represent standard policy at Limo Guy and may be modified from time to time based on market, desired reservation dates, and vehicle availability. All modifications that are mutually agreed upon in writing or communicated and confirmed at the time of the reservation will supersede the above.

4. Wait Time – Airport Arrivals: Limo Guy monitors the status of all commercial flights. The following wait times apply:

  • Domestic Flights: Up to 40 Minutes.
  • US Flights: Up to 60 Minutes
  • International Flights: Up to 75 Minutes.

If you are expecting a delay (i.e. lost luggage or delay) you must let the dispatch know. It may cost extra for extra wait.

5. Wait Time – Non-Airport Transfers: Customers are provided fifteen (15) minutes of wait time after the scheduled pickup time. Wait time beyond fifteen (15) minutes will incur the transfer base charge plus the hourly charge prorated in fifteen (10) minute intervals.

6. Hourly Rate Policy: When limo service with multiple stops (including stops en route and wait and return) is provided then service is charged on hourly bases rather than flat rates. A minimum of two consecutive hours are required.

7. Luggage Policy: Client agrees that the passenger + luggage capacity of the vehicle provided will not exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. If additional luggage space is needed, passengers must notify us at the time of reservation so a bigger vehicle can be arranged in advance.

8. Rate Quote: Rates quoted before service rendered are only an initial estimate of the cost of services reserved. Wait time and/or additional services may change the final price.

9. Holiday Travel Policy: There may be extra charges for Holiday travel, please confirm before you book your ride.

10. Fuel Surcharge: For services in the United States and Canada, the Fuel Surcharge is calculated based on the Energy Information Agency’s (EIA’s) published national averages. The quoted amount may differ from the billed amount based on rates in effect when services are provided.

11. Lost or Damaged Items: Please note that Limo Guy and its Affiliates assume no liability for any lost or misplaced personal property or any other item left in the vehicle. Limo Guy reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for returning lost items if found.

12. No-Show Policy: A no-show fee equal to the full price of the trip, plus any applicable waiting time fee, will be charged when the passenger(s) fails to arrive at the designated location. To avoid a no-show fee, call 226 228-8322

or 1-(000) 000-0000 FREE if you cannot locate your vehicle.

13. Payment Method: We accept all major credit cards, and also provide monthly billing to our corporate accounts.

14. Termination of Reservation: Limo Guy reserves the right to terminate any reservation at any time in the best interest of the Limo Guy Company, customer safety, driver safety, vehicle safety, and federal/provincial/local laws. In case of misconduct by your party, the chauffeur has the right to terminate this agreement without refunds. Client holds limousine service harmless and not liable for any personal or material damages arising from the conduct of his/her party.

15. Vehicle Damage/Cleaning: The Party paying for the Reservation is responsible for all damages and/or cleaning charges incurred by the renter and/or Party of the Renter, including but not limited to: Vomit/Sickness ($150 Cleaning Fee), Alcohol Spillage ($100, Cleaning Fee), Burns (minimum of $500 Replacement/Repair), Upholstery Tears (minimum of $500 Replacement/Repair) and/or Opening a Car Door into another Vehicle or Stationary Object ($ varies by the incident), etc.

16. Credit Card on File: Limo Guy requires a credit card for all bookings. Your credit card will be charged at the time of booking.

17. Inclement Weather Policy: Limo Guy cannot be held responsible for mechanical problems, heavy traffic, inclement weather, or other uncontrollable circumstances resulting in the inability to start a job as scheduled or complete a Job. If the requested vehicle cannot be provided, Pearson Airport Limousine may provide a similar vehicle.

18. Child Safety Seats: Please note that child seats are provided as a courtesy so you don’t have to haul around extra luggage. The following Terms and Conditions apply for the order of child car seats:

  • Child seats may not be installed depending on the driver’s knowledge of installation
  • Driver should not be forced to install it.
  • We take no responsibility for any mishap that may arise due to the installation of the child seat.
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to make sure child seats are installed properly.
  • All of our car seats comply with Canadian Standards.

We make every effort to make things easier for you. We will try and have the car seats installed, but if they are not installed, please don’t force us to install them.

19. Pets Policy: We allow pets in our vehicles as long as they stay in their kennels, Kennels are not allowed on the seats or trunk. If you have a bigger kennel, we can offer you our cargo van for transportation. You are fully responsible for your pet’s health and cleanness during the travel in our vehicles.

Please be advised that the client acknowledges and expressly agrees to the given policies, terms, and conditions and further expressly authorizes Pearson Airport Limousine to charge the client’s credit card (if on file) in full for all charges relating to the reservation with Limo Guy. The client’s credit card will also be charged in full in case of a no-show. Service is deemed rendered, whether the client enters the vehicle or not When the cancellation period cut-off time is reached. Limo Guy reserves the right to modify the company policy at any time and without prior notification. Please contact Limo Guy customer service if you have any concerns about our policy.